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Get a YouTube Creator Award

Get a YouTube Creator Award

YouTube Creator Awards, also known as Play Buttons, are prestigious accolades given to YouTube content creators who reach significant milestones in terms of subscribers and channel engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • YouTube Creator Awards recognize and celebrate the achievements of YouTube content creators.
  • There are different types of YouTube Creator Awards based on subscriber milestones.
  • Eligibility criteria must be met in order to qualify for a YouTube Creator Award.
  • Award recipients receive a physical award, along with other perks provided by YouTube.

Types of YouTube Creator Awards

YouTube offers several types of Creator Awards based on the number of subscribers a channel has achieved. The three main award categories are:

Award Subscriber Milestone Description
Silver Play Button 100,000 subscribers Awarded to channels that reach 100,000 subscribers.
Gold Play Button 1,000,000 subscribers Awarded to channels that surpass the 1 million subscriber mark.
Diamond Play Button 10,000,000 subscribers Awarded to channels that reach the impressive milestone of 10 million subscribers.

Eligibility and Application Process

In order to be eligible for a YouTube Creator Award, content creators must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a YouTube channel
  • Follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service
  • Reach the required subscriber milestone

Once the eligibility criteria are met, YouTube automatically reviews channels for award consideration. There is no formal application process, as YouTube works behind the scenes to identify deserving creators.

Perks and Benefits

When a content creator receives a YouTube Creator Award, they are not only recognized for their achievements, but they also receive various perks and benefits from YouTube. Some of these include:

  • A physical Creator Award, which serves as a tangible reminder of their success.
  • An invitation to exclusive YouTube events and workshops.
  • Access to resources and support from YouTube’s Partner Program.

*Receiving a YouTube Creator Award is a significant accomplishment that comes with valuable opportunities to further grow and monetize a YouTube channel.


Earning a YouTube Creator Award is a notable achievement that symbolizes the dedication and success of a content creator. Aspiring YouTubers should strive for reaching key subscriber milestones and meeting YouTube’s eligibility criteria, ultimately positioning themselves for recognition and the valuable perks that come with a Creator Award.

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Common Misconceptions

H2: You can easily get a YouTube Creator Award

One common misconception about YouTube Creator Awards is that anyone can easily obtain one. Many people believe that creating a channel, uploading a few videos, and gaining a certain number of subscribers automatically qualifies them for this prestigious recognition. However, earning a YouTube Creator Award is not as simple as it seems.

  • Building a successful YouTube channel takes dedication and hard work.
  • Consistently creating high-quality content is crucial for gaining subscribers.
  • Reaching the required subscriber count is only one factor considered by YouTube for the award.

H2: The only requirement is reaching a certain number of subscribers

Another misconception is that the only requirement for receiving a YouTube Creator Award is reaching a specific number of subscribers. While reaching a certain subscriber milestone is essential, it is not the sole determinant. YouTube takes into consideration various factors when deciding who receives the award.

  • Engagement metrics, such as watch time, likes, and shares, are also important.
  • Consistency in uploading content and follower growth over time are considered.
  • The overall impact and influence of the channel on the YouTube community are evaluated.

H2: YouTube Creator Awards guarantee financial success

Many people mistakenly believe that receiving a YouTube Creator Award guarantees financial success. While having a large number of subscribers can lead to monetization opportunities, it does not guarantee a steady income or financial stability. There are various factors that influence a YouTuber’s earnings, and a YouTube Creator Award alone is not enough to sustain a lucrative career.

  • Ad revenue is influenced by factors such as ad-blockers, CPM rates, and viewer demographics.
  • Diversifying income through brand partnerships, merchandise sales, sponsorships, etc., is crucial.
  • Consistently delivering engaging content that keeps viewers coming back is essential for revenue growth.

H2: YouTube Creator Awards are purely based on popularity

Some people mistakenly believe that YouTube Creator Awards are solely based on popularity. While a high subscriber count and views are influential factors, YouTube also considers the quality, originality, and impact of the content. Awards are not given solely to the most popular channels; they are given to creators who have made a significant contribution to the platform.

  • YouTube also recognizes creators who bring diversity and unique perspectives to the platform.
  • Channels that inspire and educate their audience are given high regard.
  • The ability to create engaging and innovative content sets channels apart from merely popular ones.

H2: You have to be a full-time YouTuber to receive an award

Some individuals believe that only full-time YouTubers can receive a YouTube Creator Award. However, this is not the case. YouTube acknowledges and values creators from all walks of life, including those who create content as a hobby or part-time endeavor. The commitment and dedication to their channel are what matters most in receiving this recognition.

  • Being consistent with content creation, regardless of time commitments, is crucial.
  • Quality over quantity is highly regarded in the YouTube Creator Awards evaluation.
  • Channels that effectively engage with their audience, regardless of their upload frequency, are recognized.
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YouTube is a platform that has allowed creators to share their unique content and build a massive following. As a way to recognize their achievements, YouTube Creator Awards are awarded to creators who reach significant milestones. These awards range from the Silver Play Button to the prestigious Diamond Play Button. Let’s take a closer look at some interesting facts and figures surrounding these YouTube Creator Awards in the tables below.

Award Categories and Requirements

The following table showcases the different YouTube Creator Awards and the corresponding requirements for each award.

Award No. of Subscribers
Silver Play Button 100,000 subscribers
Gold Play Button 1,000,000 subscribers
Diamond Play Button 10,000,000 subscribers

Creators with Multiple Awards

It’s not uncommon for successful creators to earn multiple YouTube Creator Awards. The table below showcases some notable creators and the number of awards they have received.

Creator No. of Awards
PewDiePie 3
T-Series 4
Ryan’s World 2

Fastest to Reach 1 Million Subscribers

Some creators have managed to reach the coveted 1 million subscribers milestone at an astonishing pace. The following table showcases the top three creators who achieved this feat in the shortest amount of time.

Creator Days Taken
T-Series 10 days
Jelly 15 days
James Charles 16 days

Most Subscribed Channels

Now let’s take a look at some of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, along with their current subscriber count.

Channel No. of Subscribers
PewDiePie 110 million
T-Series 160 million
Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes 113 million

Oldest YouTube Channel

YouTube has been around for quite a while now, and some channels have been consistent since its early days. The table below showcases the three oldest YouTube channels based on their creation date.

Channel Creation Date
Jawed Karim (YouTube’s Co-founder) April 23, 2005
Smosh November 19, 2005
Nigahiga Jul 20, 2006

Female Creators with the Most Subscribers

In recent years, female creators have made a significant impact on YouTube. The following table showcases three female creators with the highest number of subscribers.

Creator No. of Subscribers
RihannaVEVO 36 million
Katy Perry 37 million
Taylor Swift 41 million

Most Viewed YouTube Video

One of the most iconic YouTube videos that took the platform by storm is “Baby Shark Dance”. The table below presents the number of views this viral video has garnered.

Video No. of Views
Baby Shark Dance 11.7 billion

Top YouTube Categories

YouTube caters to various content categories. The following table showcases some of the top categories on the platform.

Category No. of Content Creators
Gaming 10 million+
Music 5 million+
Vlogs 7 million+


YouTube Creator Awards celebrate the incredible success and impact of YouTube creators. From the recognizable Silver and Gold Play Buttons to the prestigious Diamond Play Button, these awards highlight the dedication and hard work of creators across different genres and categories. With the rise of YouTube, an exciting and diverse community of creators has emerged, transforming the landscape of online entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn a YouTube Creator Award?

In order to earn a YouTube Creator Award, you must achieve certain milestones set by YouTube. These milestones are based on the number of subscribers or views your channel receives. Once you meet the requirements, YouTube will automatically review your channel and send you an invitation to claim your award.

What are the different YouTube Creator Awards?

YouTube offers three types of Creator Awards based on subscriber milestones: Silver Play Button for 100,000 subscribers, Gold Play Button for 1 million subscribers, and Diamond Play Button for 10 million subscribers. Additionally, there are custom awards for reaching 50 million and 100 million subscribers.

How long does it take to receive a YouTube Creator Award?

The time it takes to receive your YouTube Creator Award can vary. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, it can take several weeks to months for YouTube to review your channel and send you an invitation to claim your award. The actual delivery time of the physical award may also vary depending on your location.

Can I request a YouTube Creator Award?

No, you cannot request a YouTube Creator Award. These awards are given to creators who meet the eligibility criteria set by YouTube. Focus on creating great content and building your audience, and you may qualify for an award in the future.

Can I receive a YouTube Creator Award for multiple channels?

Yes, each channel is evaluated independently. If you meet the requirements for multiple channels, you may receive separate YouTube Creator Awards for each channel that qualifies.

What happens if I lose subscribers after receiving a YouTube Creator Award?

Losing subscribers after receiving a YouTube Creator Award does not affect the award status. Once you meet the milestone and receive the award, it is yours to keep regardless of any subsequent changes in your subscriber count.

Can I monetize my YouTube Creator Award?

No, YouTube Creator Awards are intended as a recognition of your achievements and cannot be monetized. These physical awards are a symbol of your success in growing your channel and building a loyal subscriber base.

Do I need to pay for a YouTube Creator Award?

No, YouTube Creator Awards are given to eligible creators free of charge. Once you reach the required milestones and meet the criteria, YouTube will send you the award without any cost to you.

What should I do if I believe I qualify for a YouTube Creator Award but haven’t received an invitation?

If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria but have not received an invitation to claim your YouTube Creator Award, make sure you have met the necessary milestones, meet all the requirements, and follow the guidelines provided by YouTube. If you feel there may be an oversight, you can reach out to YouTube support for further assistance.

Can I display my YouTube Creator Award on my channel?

Yes, displaying your YouTube Creator Award on your channel can be a great way to showcase your achievements. Many creators proudly display their awards in the background of their videos or in a dedicated awards shelf. It can help establish credibility and show appreciation to your subscribers.