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We have partnered with AI Box to help you build, monetize and discover powerful AI apps with their no-code AI app builder and marketplace.

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Discover AI Apps to Supercharge Your Business

Explore the AI Box marketplace and find thousands of powerful AI apps and tools to help you automate your department, job or project.

30+ AI app categories

Use our platform to discover what AI use cases are popular and trending in your domain of expertise.

100X your productivity

Harness the massive collection of apps on our marketplace to automate your tasks and boost your productivity. 

Monetize Your AI Prompts

Building and monetizing your AI tools on AI Box offers these incredible benefits. 

Protection for your prompts
Flexible software integrations
Ability to monetize your tools
Creator Royalties

As a creator on the AI Box platform, you’ll earn royalties whenever customers use the tools you’ve built, rewarding your innovation and hard work.

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