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EU4: Get AI to Join HRE

One of the challenging aspects of playing Europa Universalis IV is getting the AI-controlled countries to join the Holy Roman Empire (HRE). The HRE is a unique political entity in the game, and having more countries join it can provide several benefits to the player. In this article, we will discuss some strategies and tips to successfully get AI countries to join the HRE.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the benefits of having AI countries join the HRE.
  • Building strong diplomatic relations with the AI countries.
  • Managing the reforms of the HRE for more attractive incentives.
  • Using military force as a last resort to bring unwilling countries into the HRE.

Firstly, it is important to understand the benefits of having AI countries join the HRE. *By having more AI countries within the HRE, the player can gain additional diplomatic bonuses, such as increased opinion and reduced aggressive expansion.* This can be crucial in expanding territories peacefully and avoiding coalitions.

Building strong diplomatic relations with AI countries is key to convincing them to join the HRE. *Regularly sending diplomats to improve relations can make the AI countries more inclined to consider joining.* Offering gifts, subsidies, or alliances can also help improve their opinion of the player’s country.

Managing the reforms of the HRE is another important aspect of increasing the likelihood of AI countries joining. *Choosing reforms that offer attractive incentives to AI countries, such as reduced autonomy or increased trade bonuses, can make joining the HRE more appealing to them.* Additionally, ensuring that the Imperial Authority is high can provide more diplomatic leverage.

If diplomatic measures fail, military force can be used as a last resort to bring unwilling countries into the HRE. *This should be used cautiously, as it can negatively affect the diplomatic relationships with other countries in the game.* Engaging in wars and winning battles against the unwilling country can potentially lead to their acceptance of joining the HRE.

HRE Reforms Progression:

Reform Level Required IA Required Provinces
1st Reform Free Free
2nd Reform 25 IA 30 HRE provinces
3rd Reform 50 IA 60 HRE provinces

*As the player progresses through the reforms of the HRE, the benefits and incentives for AI countries to join will increase.* It is important to keep track of the required Imperial Authority and provinces needed for each reform to plan accordingly.

Steps to Get AI to Join HRE:

  1. Focus on improving diplomatic relations with AI countries.
  2. Offer gifts, subsidies, and alliances to strengthen their opinion of your country.
  3. Choose HRE reforms that offer attractive incentives to join.
  4. If necessary, use military force as a last resort.

In summary, getting AI countries to join the HRE in EU4 requires a combination of diplomatic finesse, strategic reforms, and, if needed, military strength. *By understanding the benefits, building strong diplomatic relations, and managing HRE reforms, players can effectively expand their influence and power within the Holy Roman Empire.*

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Common Misconceptions

EU4: Get AI to Join HRE

There are several common misconceptions surrounding the process of getting AI to join the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) in the game Europa Universalis IV (EU4). Understanding these misconceptions is crucial for players who want to effectively navigate this aspect of gameplay and maximize their chances of success.

  • The AI will automatically join the HRE if the player has high relations with them.
  • It is impossible to force an AI nation to join the HRE through military conquest.
  • If an AI nation borders the HRE, they will always be willing to join.

Contrary to popular belief, having high relations with an AI nation does not guarantee their willingness to join the HRE. While positive relations can certainly help improve the chances, it is not the sole determining factor. The AI evaluates various other factors, such as their own national interests, military strength, and diplomatic strategies before making a decision.

  • Positive relations are an important factor in convincing AI nations to join the HRE.
  • Offering monetary incentives through gifts or subsidies can increase the likelihood of an AI nation joining the HRE.
  • Alliances with powerful AI nations can influence their decision to join the HRE.

Another common misconception is that the HRE can be expanded solely through military conquest and by forcefully annexing AI nations. In reality, this is not possible. AI nations cannot be forced or coerced into joining the HRE through military means. Annexation can only be achieved through diplomatic means, such as vassalization or integrating a personal union partner.

  • Military conquest cannot be used to force an AI nation into joining the HRE.
  • Diplomatic methods, such as vassalization, can be used to incorporate AI nations into the HRE.
  • Personal unions can be integrated into the HRE through the diplomatic process.

Players often assume that any AI nation bordering the HRE will be willing to join. While proximity to the HRE does increase the likelihood of willingness, it is not a guarantee. AI nations consider a range of factors, including their own strategic interests, rivalries, and diplomatic relationships with other nations. Thus, simply having a border with the HRE does not guarantee an AI nation’s willingness to join.

  • Proximity to the HRE does increase the likelihood of an AI nation joining but does not guarantee it.
  • Rivalries and strategic interests can outweigh proximity when AI nations decide whether to join the HRE.
  • Strong diplomatic relationships with other nations might influence the decision of an AI nation to join the HRE.
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AI Nations in the Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire (HRE) in EU4 is a collection of countries in Central Europe that forms a loose confederation. Getting AI nations to join the HRE can be a challenging task, but it can greatly benefit the player. The following table provides information about some of the AI nations that can join the HRE and their historical territories.

Nation Historical Territories
Austria Austria, Tyrol, Styria, Carinthia
Bavaria Bavaria, Palatinate, Bohemia, Tirol
Saxony Saxony, Thuringia, Brandenburg, Anhalt
Brandenburg Brandenburg, Pomerania, Prussia
Hanover Hanover, Brunswick, Westphalia

HRE Membership Benefits

Joining the HRE as an AI nation can provide numerous advantages. The table below highlights some benefits that AI nations can gain by becoming part of the Holy Roman Empire.

Benefit Description
Protection Increased security against external threats due to HRE’s defensive nature
Trade Influence Access to the HRE’s vast network of trade routes and increased trade income
Empire Points Opportunity to earn imperial authority points for various benefits
Regional Influence Ability to shape the future of the HRE through voting and diplomacy
Prestige Elevated status and reputation by aligning with an influential entity

HRE Reforms Progress

The Holy Roman Empire can undergo a series of reforms to unlock additional benefits and centralization. This table showcases the progress of the HRE reforms as the game progresses:

Reform Description Reform Level
Kaiserbund Formation of the HRE and the establishment of the imperial reform path 1/8
Heralds Introduction of a formalized diplomatic structure within the empire 2/8
Erbschaft Implementation of succession laws and inheritance regulations 3/8
Imperial Diet Creation of a central decision-making body for all HRE members 4/8
Reichskrieg Establishment of a common army to defend the empire 5/8

HRE Leaders and Their Ambitions

The Holy Roman Empire was shaped by influential leaders who aimed to expand their territorial control. The following table presents notable HRE leaders and their ambitions:

Leader Ambition
Charlemagne Creation of a unified Christian empire in Europe
Otto I Reestablishment of the Roman Empire under Germanic rule
Frederick Barbarossa Restoration of imperial authority and control over Italian city-states
Charles V Consolidation of power and suppression of Protestantism
Joseph II Implementation of enlightened absolutism and administrative reforms

Major HRE Conflicts

The Holy Roman Empire has witnessed various conflicts throughout its history. The table below highlights some of the significant conflicts within the HRE:

Conflict Description Outcome
War of the Austrian Succession A territorial dispute following the death of Charles VI Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748
Thirty Years’ War A religious and political conflict between Protestant and Catholic powers Treaty of Westphalia, 1648
Napoleonic Wars French expansion and conquest by Napoleon Bonaparte Dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, 1806
War of the Spanish Succession A conflict over the succession to the Spanish throne Treaty of Utrecht, 1713
The Prussian-Austrian Rivalry Competition between Austria and Prussia for dominance within the HRE Prussian victory and formation of the German Confederation, 1815

HRE Imperial Cities

Imperial cities within the HRE were autonomous self-governing entities. They played a significant role in the empire’s politics and economy. The following table displays some notable imperial cities and their contributions:

City Contribution
Cologne Major ecclesiastical and cultural center with significant religious influence
Frankfurt Important trade fair city and political gathering place during the imperial election
Augsburg Center of banking and commercial activities in Southern Germany
Nuremberg Renowned for its craftsmanship and trade, a hub of artistic and cultural innovation
Strasbourg Major cultural crossroads and political center in the Alsace region

HRE Electors and Their Powers

Electors in the Holy Roman Empire were the highest-ranking princes who had the privilege of electing the emperor. The table below presents the electoral princes and their unique powers:

Electoral Prince Power
Archbishop of Mainz Chancellor of the empire and controlled numerous territories
Archbishop of Trier Archchancellor of Burgundy and influential in Western Germany
Archbishop of Cologne Archchancellor of Italy and prominent figure in the Rhineland
King of Bohemia Ensured a strong Bohemian presence and represented Eastern Europe
Count Palatine of the Rhine Protector of the empire’s rights and controlled key territories along the Rhine

HRE Cultural Diversity

The Holy Roman Empire was renowned for its diverse cultures, languages, and traditions. The table below showcases some of the major cultural groups within the empire:

Cultural Group Region Language
German Central and Southern Germany German
Alsatian Alsace and parts of Switzerland Alsatian German
Burgundian Burgundy region and parts of Netherlands Burgundian French
Italian Northern Italy and South Tyrol Italian
Czech Bohemia, Moravia, and parts of Poland Czech

The Holy Roman Empire in EU4 offers a unique gameplay experience with its complex dynamics and rich history. By understanding the AI nations, membership benefits, reforms, leaders, conflicts, cities, electors, and cultural diversity, players can navigate the challenges of expanding the empire and creating their vision of a unified Europe.

EU4: Get AI to Join HRE – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get AI countries to join the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) in Europa Universalis IV (EU4)?

Yes, it is possible to get AI-controlled countries to join the HRE in EU4. However, there are certain conditions and requirements that need to be fulfilled for this to happen.

What are the criteria for a country to join the HRE?

To join the HRE, a country must share a border with the HRE and have a positive opinion of the current Emperor. Additionally, the country must have a monarch with a high enough diplomatic reputation.

How can I improve my diplomatic reputation to make it easier for countries to join the HRE?

There are several ways to increase your diplomatic reputation in EU4. Some methods include having high legitimacy or republican tradition, increasing your prestige, and having a diplomatic advisor with bonuses to diplomatic reputation. Additionally, you can pass reforms as the Emperor to increase your diplomatic reputation.

Can I force a country to join the HRE?

No, you cannot force a country to join the HRE. The decision to join the HRE is ultimately up to the AI-controlled country. However, you can take actions to improve your relations with the country and increase the chances of them joining.

What can I do to persuade AI countries to join the HRE?

To persuade AI countries to join the HRE, you can improve your diplomatic relations with them, offer them alliances, guarantee their independence, or support their independence if they are a subject of another country. Additionally, improving relations with their allies and rivals may influence their decision to join.

What are the benefits of having AI countries join the HRE?

Having AI countries join the HRE can provide various benefits. Firstly, it increases your overall Imperial Authority, allowing you to pass more reforms. Additionally, the countries that join the HRE become your allies and are less likely to cause trouble or go to war with you.

Can AI countries be expelled from the HRE?

No, it is not possible to expel AI countries from the HRE. Once they have joined, they are part of the empire until the end of the game or until they leave voluntarily.

What happens if the current Emperor loses control over a country in the HRE?

If the current Emperor loses control over a country in the HRE, the country may leave the empire. This can happen if the opinion of the new Emperor is negative or if the diplomatic reputation of the Emperor is low.

Can I revoke the privileges of AI countries in the HRE?

Yes, as the Emperor, you can revoke the privileges of AI countries in the HRE by passing reforms. However, this may negatively impact your relations with the countries affected and could lead to increased unrest and potential rebellions.

What are some strategies to maximize the number of AI countries joining the HRE?

Some strategies to maximize the number of AI countries joining the HRE include improving your diplomatic reputation, maintaining positive relations with potential members, offering beneficial alliances, and supporting their independence if needed. Additionally, utilizing diplomatic or economic incentives can also increase their likelihood of joining.