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“I Like Me Better” is a popular song by American singer-songwriter Lauv. Released in 2017, it quickly gained popularity and has since amassed millions of streams and downloads. In this article, we will explore the song’s background, its lyrics and meaning, its success on music charts, and how you can download it.

**Key Takeaways:**
1. “I Like Me Better” is a hit song by Lauv that was released in 2017.
2. The song has gained massive popularity and has been widely streamed and downloaded.
3. We will discuss the song’s lyrics, meaning, chart success, and how to download it.

The Lyrics and Meaning:
“I Like Me Better” is an introspective and heartfelt song that explores themes of self-discovery and personal growth. The lyrics describe a journey of self-acceptance and finding love in oneself before being able to love someone else. The song’s relatable and honest portrayal of self-reflection has resonated with listeners around the world.

In *one of the most poignant lines*, Lauv sings, “To be young and in love in New York City, to not know who I am but still know that I’m good long as you’re here with me.” This captures the essence of the song, conveying feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability while finding solace in the presence of a loved one.

Success on Music Charts:
“I Like Me Better” achieved significant success on various music charts worldwide. It peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and reached the top 10 in several countries, including Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics have contributed to its enduring popularity.

To showcase the song’s chart performance, let’s take a look at **Table 1** below which displays its peak positions on different charts:

**Table 1: “I Like Me Better” Chart Performance**

| Chart | Peak Position |
| Billboard Hot 100 | 27 |
| Australian Singles Chart | 9 |
| Belgian Singles Chart | 8 |
| Dutch Top 40 | 6 |

Downloading “I Like Me Better”:
If you want to have this uplifting song on your personal playlist, you can easily download it from various online music platforms. Popular streaming and download services like **Spotify**, **Apple Music**, and **Amazon Music** provide options to download the song for offline listening or purchase a digital copy.

To make it even easier for you, follow these *simple steps* for downloading the song:

1. Open your preferred music streaming or download platform (e.g., Spotify, Apple Music).
2. Search for “I Like Me Better” by Lauv in the search bar.
3. Select the song from the search results.
4. Look for a download or purchase option on the song’s page.
5. Click on the download or purchase button to add the song to your collection.
6. Enjoy listening to “I Like Me Better” whenever you want, wherever you are!

Now that you have learned about the song’s background, meaning, and success, it’s time to add “I Like Me Better” to your music collection and let its uplifting melodies and heartfelt lyrics inspire you.

**Table 2** provides a comparison of song download options and their features:

**Table 2: Comparison of Download Options**

| Platform | Offline Listening | Purchase Option |
| Spotify | ✓ | |
| Apple Music | ✓ | ✓ |
| Amazon Music | ✓ | ✓ |

In conclusion, “I Like Me Better” is more than just a catchy song; it resonates with listeners on a deeper emotional level. Through honest lyrics and a relatable message, Lauv offers a valuable reminder of the importance of self-acceptance and personal growth. So go ahead, download this uplifting track and let it accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and self-love.

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Common Misconceptions about “Download I Like Me Better”

Common Misconceptions

Paragraph 1:

One common misconception about the song “Download I Like Me Better” is that it was released by Taylor Swift. Despite its popularity and catchy sound, it is important to clarify that this song was actually performed by Lauv.

  • The vocals are not Taylor Swift’s.
  • Taylor Swift is not credited as a featured artist.
  • The song was released as a single by Lauv himself.

Paragraph 2:

Another misconception surrounding “Download I Like Me Better” is that it is a love song. While it does contain romantic themes, the song actually focuses more on self-discovery and personal growth.

  • The lyrics address self-acceptance and finding happiness within oneself.
  • It emphasizes personal growth and becoming a better version of oneself.
  • While love is an aspect of the song, it is not the ultimate focus.

Paragraph 3:

There is a misconception that “Download I Like Me Better” is a recent release. However, the song was actually released on May 19, 2017, and gained popularity gradually over time.

  • The song was not an instant hit upon release.
  • It achieved significant success through its streaming numbers and word-of-mouth promotion.
  • It became more widely recognized in mainstream charts and playlists as time went on.

Paragraph 4:

Some people mistakenly believe that “Download I Like Me Better” is solely associated with a romantic relationship. However, the song’s themes and emotions can be applied to various relationships, including friendships and personal connections.

  • The lyrics can resonate with listeners regardless of their relationship status.
  • It encapsulates the feelings of joy and contentment that can come from any meaningful connection.
  • The song can be interpreted in a broader sense of appreciating the people who bring positivity into one’s life.

Paragraph 5:

A final misconception surrounding “Download I Like Me Better” is that it is solely a pop song. While it does have pop elements, the song also incorporates elements of electronic and indie music.

  • The production features electronic beats and synths.
  • It combines elements of pop with indie sensibilities.
  • The song’s genre can be described as a fusion of pop, electronic, and indie music.

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The Impact of “I Like Me Better” on Streaming Platforms

Released in 2017, “I Like Me Better” by Lauv quickly garnered worldwide attention with its catchy melody and relatable lyrics. This article explores the tremendous impact the song has made on streaming platforms, highlighting its impressive download numbers, chart performance, and audience engagement.

Top Downloaded Songs of 2018

Ranking Song Title Number of Downloads (in millions)
1 I Like Me Better 520
2 Shape of You 482
3 Havana 467

“I Like Me Better” secured the top spot as the most downloaded song of 2018, surpassing other popular hits like “Shape of You” and “Havana”. Its astounding 520 million downloads clearly depict its immense popularity among music enthusiasts.

Popularity of “I Like Me Better” on Spotify

Country Streams (in millions)
United States 2,350
United Kingdom 1,800
Brazil 1,600

On Spotify, “I Like Me Better” has gained significant traction, amassing an impressive number of streams. It dominates the charts in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Brazil, where audiences can’t get enough of its upbeat sound and relatable lyrics.

Billboard Chart Performance

Chart Highest Position Number of Weeks on Chart
Billboard Hot 100 5 40
Billboard Pop Songs 3 52
Billboard Adult Top 40 1 30

“I Like Me Better” achieved remarkable success on various Billboard charts. It peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 3 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart, and even claimed the top position on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart, solidifying its place as a universally appealing hit.

Impact on Social Media

Social Media Platform Number of Mentions (in thousands)
Twitter 650
Instagram 1,200
TikTok 2,100

Not only did “I Like Me Better” capture the hearts of music enthusiasts, but it also created quite a buzz on social media platforms. With thousands of mentions on popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, it has become a prominent part of online conversations and cultural trends.

Global Views on YouTube

Country Number of Views (in millions)
United States 2,000
United Kingdom 1,500
Canada 1,200

When it comes to YouTube, “I Like Me Better” continues to captivate audiences worldwide. The song has gathered millions of views in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, underscoring its global appeal and staying power within the music industry.

Streaming Platforms Comparison

Platform Percentage of Total Streams
Spotify 45%
Apple Music 30%
YouTube Music 20%

Among the various streaming platforms, “I Like Me Better” dominates the market, accounting for 45% of total streams on Spotify, followed by Apple Music at 30% and YouTube Music at 20%. These figures speak volumes about the song’s popularity and listeners’ preference on different platforms.

Streaming History

Month Number of Streams (in millions)
June 2017 250
February 2018 500
December 2018 850

The journey of “I Like Me Better” on streaming platforms has seen a steady increase in popularity over time. Starting with 250 million streams in June 2017, the song’s appeal skyrocketed to 850 million streams by December 2018, cementing its place as an enduring hit.

Playlist Inclusion

Playlist Name Number of Inclusions
Today’s Top Hits 350
Pop Rising 200
Mood Booster 120

“I Like Me Better” has secured numerous inclusions on popular playlists curated by streaming platforms. With its presence on flagship playlists like Today’s Top Hits, Pop Rising, and Mood Booster, the song has gained significant exposure and contributed to its widespread success.

In conclusion, “I Like Me Better” has emerged as a musical sensation, dominating streaming platforms, earning chart positions, and captivating audiences globally. Its catchy melody, wholesome lyrics, and relatable theme have propelled it to become one of the most downloaded, streamed, and talked-about songs in recent years. Lauv’s creation has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the music industry and the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions – Download I Like Me Better

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song “I Like Me Better” about?

“I Like Me Better” is a song about falling in love and finding acceptance within oneself. It explores the feeling of discovering personal growth and self-confidence through a romantic relationship.

Who is the artist behind “I Like Me Better”?

“I Like Me Better” is performed by Lauv, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. Lauv, whose real name is Ari Staprans Leff, gained popularity with this song and has since released several other successful tracks.

When was “I Like Me Better” released?

“I Like Me Better” was released on May 19, 2017, as the lead single from Lauv’s debut EP titled “Lost in the Light.” It quickly garnered attention and became one of the artist’s most successful songs.

How can I download “I Like Me Better”?

You can download “I Like Me Better” from various online platforms, such as music streaming services and digital music stores. Simply search for the song by its title or the artist’s name, and choose your preferred platform to download or stream it.

Is “I Like Me Better” available on Spotify?

Yes, “I Like Me Better” is available on Spotify. You can listen to it for free with ads or subscribe to Spotify Premium for an ad-free experience. Simply search for “I Like Me Better” in the search bar on the Spotify app or website to find the song.

Can I use “I Like Me Better” in my videos or projects?

Using “I Like Me Better” in your videos or projects may require obtaining the necessary permissions and licenses from the copyright holder, which is usually the artist’s record label or music publisher. It’s best to reach out to them directly to inquire about the terms and conditions for using the song.

Are the lyrics for “I Like Me Better” available?

Yes, you can find the lyrics for “I Like Me Better” on various lyrics websites or by searching for “I Like Me Better” lyrics. Many online platforms that offer the song also provide the lyrics along with it.

Has “I Like Me Better” won any awards?

“I Like Me Better” has received critical acclaim and achieved widespread popularity, but as of now, it hasn’t won any major awards. However, it has been nominated for awards in various categories, such as Best Pop Video at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2018.

Can I find remixes or alternative versions of “I Like Me Better”?

Yes, there are several remixes and alternative versions of “I Like Me Better” available. Some remixes are officially released by the artist or the record label, while others are fan-made and can be found on platforms like SoundCloud or YouTube.

Is there a music video for “I Like Me Better”?

Yes, Lauv released an official music video for “I Like Me Better.” The video features the artist exploring various locations, capturing the essence of the song’s themes. You can find the music video on YouTube or other video streaming platforms.